4 Reasons Why Getting Your Kids A Dog Isn’t the Worst Idea!

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It’s almost inevitable that one day your young kids will start begging you to get them a puppy. While it may seem like a hassle, at Dogsbod, we believe that getting a new furry friend is an excellent decision for your children. The physical and mental benefits of adding a dog to your family are numerous.

If you are looking for a way to create responsibility, encourage fitness and provide happiness for your children, young or old, you should think about adding a new member to your family in the form of a loyal companion! You will be amazed at how a dog can positively affect your children. So, look no further!

Health and Fitness

Dogs need to exercise regularly and walking is the best form of it. A great way to encourage your kids to own the responsibility of taking care of their puppy is to include walking or exercising the dog into the daily routine. Not only is this great for your puppy’s wellbeing, but it also encourages fitness and an active lifestyle for your children. Taking a dog for a walk is a great way to get fresh air and build fitness. If you want your kids to get outside a bit more, maybe buying a dog will help them do so!


Dog’s are a fantastic alarm system, and over time develop incredible protective capabilities. While you might not be looking for a guard dog, most dogs are somewhat territorial. If you want to be aware of when people are around your property, many dogs (if well trained) can alert you to the presence of guests.


Dogs are creatures of habit. With structure, dogs learn when feeding time is, when it is time to exercise and when it is time to sleep. Just as your children can learn structure and discipline, so can a dog. A dog’s training is something you can task your children to handle. They can teach and disciple their new pet. While a dog presents responsibility, your kids will love the chance to teach their new puppy tricks!


What’s the best thing there is about dogs? Well, at Dogsbod we believe that having a happy, friendly face to greet you is one of the best feelings in the world! A dog is indeed a man’s best friend and can provide so much joy and warmth for a child. Whether you don’t want your kid to get lonely, or are looking to give them a loving friend to bond with, a puppy is a perfect solution!

While getting a new puppy for your home may seem scary, there are many positive benefits that this addition might have on your wellbeing and your family’s. At Dogsbod, nothing makes us happier than a dog’s comfort and welfare. For all things dog-related, look no further than Dogsbod.

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