5 Interesting Facts About Dogs You Never Knew Were True!

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Dogs are the most popular pets by far. Most dog owners treat their dogs like members of the family by doing everything from lavishing them with treats, to sharing the sofa and including them in family photos. Here are five exciting dog facts that you might be surprised to know about dogs.


Dogs May Have Been Our Companions for Over 40,000 Years


Researchers aren’t sure exactly when and where humans domesticated dogs. A recent study suggested that domestication happened 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. In 2016, DNA research found that dogs originated from two separate populations of wolves. One is in Asia and the other one in Europe.

So it’s possible that domestication happened in two separate places, and the lineages later merged into the modern dogs as we know them. As to why and how dogs were domesticated, some researchers believe that the evolution of wolves to dogs started with wolves scavenging for food around human camps.

Raisins or Grapes Can Be Fatally Toxic to Your Dog



Previously thought to be an urban myth, it’s now among confirmed dog facts that grapes and raisins can kill your dog, regardless of the type or kind of dog. Moreover, the toxic amount ranges from several ounces to a small serving.


Dogs Can Understand the Nuances of Human Body Language


For a long time, scientists have been looking into dogs’ abilities to understand behavioural cues. Even though the ability to read social cues within the same species is present in all social mammals, recent studies revealed that dogs are remarkably adept at interpreting specific human behaviour.

In one Harvard study which involved hiding a treat inside one of two overturned buckets, dogs were almost immediately able to understand its owner’s behavioural cues that hinted under which bucket the dog treat was hidden. It strongly suggests that dogs can decipher human body language.


Your Dog Can Be the Ideal Wingman


Dogs are good at attracting attention, be it that of a fellow dog owner or a curious child. For that reason, owning a dog dramatically increases your chances of meeting and connecting to new people. Your cute canine friend might be just what you need to find a date!

One study in 2015 revealed that, compared to men, women were twice as likely to admit that they found a man attractive if he was a pet owner, especially if the man owned a dog. Owning a dog is a big responsibility which women may interpret as a signal that a man is well-suited to raising children in the future. It is among the dog facts most men might find useful.


Dogs Only Sweat Through Their Paws


As far as sweating is concerned, dogs are not as unfortunate as humans. Rather than sweat through the skin all over their body, dogs sweat through glands located around their paws. The primary way for dogs to cool down is panting, which allows the evaporation of moisture on their tongue and a cooling down of their body.

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