5 Things Dogs Love That You Didn’t Even Know!

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Dogs are unique creatures, with different preferences and dislikes. As part of your daily dog care routine, you are bound to notice a few quirky things your dog enjoys. While we are all familiar with just how much dogs love belly rubs and treats, there are a few dog favourites that are bound to surprise you.

To best care for your dog, you should get to know what makes your furry friend happy. Here are five unexpected things that dogs love!

1. Saving Everything!

While most of us have no trouble disposing of stuff, dogs find great pleasure in hoarding all kinds of things. Dogs keep their instinct to save food and objects that could be helpful in times of need. Anything you give them has the potential of becoming a precious treasure which they will then go through great efforts to store and hide. Backyard holes, underneath furniture and their dog’s beds, are favourite stashing spots. It is something you should be aware of for appropriate dog care so that you can keep a neat lawn and clean home.

2. Having Meals Alone

Humans are social. The very thought of having a meal alone sounds depressing to the average person. However, dogs don’t feel the same. Dogs enjoy having a tasty bite by themselves. Don’t be surprised to find your dog silently munching on a treat in a lonely corner. He does enjoy it.

3. Being Useful

Despite dogs being naughty from time to time, the truth is that they love to please their owners. It is why fetching balls of sticks is so gratifying to a dog. Giving your dog a task or command and letting them know they’ve pleased you by doing a good job can bring great joy to your pup. If you want to make your dog happy, allow him to be useful by fulfilling small tasks.

4. Dog School

Sure kids complain a lot about going to school and are happy to get a few days off, but against what most of us think, dogs love attending doggy-school. Doggy classes allow dogs to socialise, exercise and keep their minds engaged. Learning new tricks can give a dog a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, getting out of home and taking a day trip to dog school makes for an exciting adventure for curious pups.

During dog training, dogs also get the chance to spend quality time with their owners, which they always enjoy.

5. Constant Company

From time to time most of us crave alone time, which is why we think its something we must give our new pup as part of their basic dog care. However, alone time isn’t something your dog will ask for. Dogs pretty much enjoy being around you 24/7. Nothing will make your dog happier than being showered with your loving attention.

Make an effort to get to know your pup. Always take into account what your specific dog likes and dislikes and incorporate your observations into your dog care routine.

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