5 Things Every Owner Should Be Training Their Dog

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Dog training can make a dramatic difference to your dog ownership experience. A well-trained pup will be able to adapt to a wide variety of situations harmoniously.

An educated dog is well behaved and won’t stress you with problem behaviour. The training process, that’s positive and patient, will also help you establish a healthy loving relationship with your pet. Plus, dog training provides much need mental stimulation, to keep your pet happy and sharp. It’s a win-win.

So, where do you get started? Here are five essential skills you should teach your dog:

House Training

A new pet quickly becomes another member of the family, and your home becomes his home. Dog training is essential to being able to share your home with your dog peacefully. Teaching your dog to live indoors is one of the first and most important skills a dog owner must focus on. With patience and rewards, you can quickly establish a successful potty training routine.

Come and Stay Commands

While tricks are always cool to watch and your dog will undoubtedly look cute performing them, not all of them are vital. However, simple commands such as “come” and “stay” can make communicating with your dog more comfortable.

These commands are fundamental because they allow you to guide your dog through many situations. It will enable your dog to understand when it needs to return to you after being outside or to stay in place while you attend to something else.

The stay command is especially important. It tells your dog to stay put to avoid any impending potential danger, to calm down, or to stay away from babies or fragile objects.

Social Skills

As part of any successful dog training regime, you should teach your dog to interact with the outside world. You can begin the process as soon as your pup has received all the necessary shots to venture outside your home safely.

Proper socialising prevents your dog from exhibiting aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people.

You want your dog to feel confident and friendly around living creatures. The best way to achieve that is by helping them experience the world. Slowly, your dog will gain the confidence and trust necessary to overcome the fear of the unknown and interact with others happily and calmly.

The “No!” Command

No is a basic command to include in dog training. This command is necessary to let your dog know that they need to stop unwanted behaviour. Since dogs understand us by relying on tone, it’s important to say “No!” firmly without being too harsh.

Walking on a Leash

An important skill to teach your dog is how to walk on a leash, and is one that they should sooner rather than later. From a young age, try to introduce your dog to the feel of a collar and a leash. Start indoors and be patient. This skill, once mastered, will enable you to take your dog out on walks or runs safely, so you can both get some exercise.

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