5 Things You Need To Train Your Puppy NOW!

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If you are a proud new puppy owner, consider yourself privileged. There are few creatures as willing to give you as much love and companionship as a canine friend. However, you should be aware that your puppy will also be ready to shower you with tons of energy, curious exploration and destructive potential if you do not educate it properly.

Puppy training isn’t a difficult feat. Far from being tedious, the task of educating a puppy can be a fun bond-building experience for both you and your puppy. Of course, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be.

Effective puppy training is something you should start working from day one. That way, your new pup will best adapt to living with you in harmony. It is why it’s so important to set yourself up for success. A great way to do this is by purchasing all the necessary puppy training tools before you bring your new friend home.

Here are a few items you will need to best tackle puppy training:


Positive reinforcement is probably the most powerful approach to training your new puppy. Rewards make your dog feel happy and excited, making the overall training process fun and enjoyable for them. Since the promise of reward or praise is a powerful motivator, your puppy will be far more likely to engage and concentrate on learning new skills and commands. It is essential to prepare yourself with treats and toys to give your pup when he is moving in the right direction. After all, when it comes to training, the sooner you start, the better.

Leash and Harness/Collar

Dogs are not meant to be trapped continuously inside. Getting a chance to explore and visit outdoor areas is an integral part of your pup’s wellness. Additionally, running or walking outside are essentials to keeping your new pet fit and exercising. For comfort and safety, it’s best to venture out with your dog at your side, which is why the use of a leash and collar is essential. By exposing your puppy early on to these items, you can help him find comfort and confidence in their use.


On the first arrival, your young pup won’t be able to understand house boundaries, let alone practice house appropriate behaviour. Over time, with the right tools, constant reinforcement and patience, though, your dog will be an indoor living expert in no time. Crates are the staple item for house-training your dog. They help you confine your dog to a particular area while unsupervised and prevent house damage from chewing, scratching, etc. Plus, early on, your dog sleeps in their crate which can be made cosy with fluffy pads.


If you are new to dog ownership, you might be clueless as to what a clicker is. Essentially it is a device that makes a clicking sound. How is this an essential item to dog training you might ask? Well, by signalling desirable behaviour with a click, your puppy will learn to identify when he has done an excellent job. In a way, it works similarly to positive reinforcement, letting your dog know he has pleased you.


A playpen takes the same concept behind a dog crate to a larger scale. It provides enough room for your dog to explore and play, while still confining him to a puppy-proofed safe area. It both protects your home and puppy, preventing potential disasters. One of the great things about playpens is that most of them are collapsible and easy to store away.

Before bringing home your new puppy, make sure that you are fully prepared with all the best puppy training items.

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