5 Things Your Dog Needs to Survive – the Very Basic!

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Dog ownership is very popular worldwide. However, with dog ownership, comes the responsibility of trying to discover what your dog needs or is trying to say. Remember, your dog is completely reliant on you to provide it with security, comfort and unconditional love.

If your dog could speak, it would tell you it needs these five basic requirements:

A Place To Sleep And Relax

Just like you and I, your dog needs a quiet and cosy area in the house where it can retreat and sleep. This place will present a source of comfort and security for your dog. Therefore, it is recommended to create this place in the room, where your dog spends most of its time in the house.

Part of the preparations for dog ownership is to get your dog its bed. For nervous puppies, it is better to get them a crate with a comfortable cushion to give them the feeling of security.

Food And Water

Your dog’s health starts with a balanced diet that contains all of the nutrients it needs. During the training sessions, try to give your dog small, low-fat treats and adjust the main meals accordingly to avoid any extra calories. An essential part of your dog ownership is to research the exact amount of food your dog needs, according to its age and activity.

It is vital to keep your dog hydrated. By installing a water fountain, you will encourage your dog to drink more water and also keep the water fresh and clean. Otherwise, the water should be changed at least twice a day.

Some Company

Dogs do not like to be left alone, even for short periods. Spending time with your dog must have been one of your reasons for dog ownership. So try to schedule specific times in your day to play, train or bond with your dog.

If you have to leave your dog alone, take it out before for a long walk or let it play and exercise hard. This way, it will be tired and most probably fall asleep when you get back in the house.


Developing and sticking to a regular exercise routine is a critical part of dog ownership. Every dog has different exercise requirements, depending on its breed, age, health condition and size.

Your dog’s energy and ability depend on its exercise routine, which has to be assessed and changed regularly. Small puppies have more power to play hard, while a senior dog needs only to maintain its muscle mass without hurting its aging joints.

Regular Grooming

It is critical to keep your dog clean and well groomed regularly. Fleas and worms, for example, can cause a lot of health problems to your dog, if they were not treated immediately.

Bathing, nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning, and having a dental routine are some of the basic grooming tasks your dog needs, as a part of your regular dog ownership responsibilities.

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