5 Tips for Dog Sitting!

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Dogs are fun, intelligent animals that do not like to be left alone. If you are a dog person, then dog sitting for a friend could be a real joy. Keep in mind though that the dog can become anxious, when its owners are away or when it is in an unfamiliar place, like your house.

Remember that as a caretaker, your job is to follow the instructions of the dog owners and respect their routine. To keep your dog sitting experience positive for you and the dog follow these tips carefully:

Learn About The Dog Eating Habits

The dog owners should inform you about any food allergies or digestive problems the dog has. Also, they should fill you in on where the food is stored, the feeding times and the amount of food the dog is served every day.

You should also learn about how often the dog is given treats and the kind of treats it prefers. Never feed the dog chocolate, milk, garlic, grapes and any food that contains caffeine.

Follow The Exercise Routine

Every dog has different levels of energy and accordingly, a different exercise routine. Ask the owners how often the dog needs to be walked daily, for how long and what other exercises it regularly does. If possible, it would be better for the dog to stick to its usual walking route.

Burning some energy is not only beneficial for the dog but your house as well. A tired dog will sleep better and will not chew on your furniture.

Ask About The Dog’s Medical History

It is critical to know if you have to give the dog any medications or prevent them from certain types of food or activities. Make sure to ask the dog owners about any past health problems, to be prepared to handle them, should they recur.

Emergencies happen. Even happy, healthy dogs can suddenly get sick. Therefore, the dog owners should give you the contacts of their primary veterinary clinic. As a caretaker, you should also do your research and find the closest emergency or after hours pet clinic near your house.

Be Prepared With The Right Supplies

For your dog sitting to go smoothly, the dog owners should provide you with everything the dog will need, during its stay at your house. It includes food, treats, a leash, a dog bed, feeding bowls, dog toys, medicines and everything else the dog might need.

Additionally, you should also find out where you could buy additional supplies, especially if the dog sitting will last for an extended period.

Always Stick To The Regular Schedule

Dogs like to have a daily routine to feel safe and confident. Messing with the dog’s regular schedule will cause it anxiety, especially that the dog will be more sensitive to change since its owners are gone and it is staying at a new place.

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