Are You Getting a New Puppy? Here Are the 5 Essential Items You Need!

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Getting a puppy is getting a lot of love bundled into a tiny package. These tiny creatures come packed with warmth, snuggles and happy memories. All you have to do in return is love them back. The best way to do that is by giving your new friend the care and attention they deserve.

Before bringing your new pet home, it is essential that you get familiar with the basics of puppy care. To best serve the needs of your baby pup, you’ll need a few essential items. With care and just a few things, you’ll be able to make your puppy feel right at home in no time.

Here Are the 5 Essential Items of Puppy Care

Water/Food Bowls

Paying close attention to your pet’s diet and hydration is a cornerstone of puppy care. Before you bring your puppy home, you’ll want to have the appropriate bowls to keep his food and water.  

Make sure you purchase bowls that are durable and well made. It’s no secret that puppies like to chew stuff. Some types of bowls, such as plastic ones, are not able to stand much wear and tear. Eventually, the bowls will have scratches and dents that are hard to clean and could harbour bacterial growth. If you do purchase bowls made from affordable, lightweight plastic, make sure to replace the bowls often.

Another factor to consider is size. Your puppy is a small creature, so the bowls should be proportionally sized to facilitate use.

Crate and Bed

Puppies don’t instinctively know how to behave indoors. At first, moving into a new home can be a confusing process. Your new puppy will need you to house train him patiently.

Dog crates are an essential item for that purpose. They allow you to keep your pup safe and visible while he learns to move around on his own. Ideally, you should purchase one before your new puppy arrives home since you’ll need it from day one.

You should take into account your puppy`s dimensions when choosing his crate. It’s important to keep them snug, while also making sure they’re comfortable. Your puppy should be able to change position quickly, stand and stretch within his crate. To make his box even warmer and inviting, adding a soft bed inside is vital.


Puppy care extends beyond your pet’s basic needs. A well-cared pup is also a happy one. As we all know, puppies are energetic, playful creatures. Welcoming them to their new home with a nice selection of toys can provide comfort and entertainment to your pet in times of need.

As your puppy’s teeth develop, solid chew toys can help them find relief from itchiness and gum pain. It’s great for your home furnishings, as well. Providing your pup a chew toy gives them something to scratch on other than your furniture.

The Right Kind of Food and Treats

Puppies, like babies, are continually growing. And growing fast, for that matter. Their metabolism’ is going a hundred miles an hour. Your puppy will need fuel to nurture their growth and healthy development. You’ll want to supply your new friend with the best possible source of nutrients to help him thrive.

To best care for your puppy, you should feed him puppy food, specific to his age and size. Food manufacturers create unique puppy blends that feature all the vital nutrients to help your puppy grow up to be a healthy adult dog. Your veterinarian can best guide you on choosing the perfect food brand for your pup.


A collar is an essential piece among puppy care supplies. It allows you to attach a leash and serves as an identification tool. It’s crucial that your pup get used to wearing a collar early on. Opt for a small one, made from soft materials that allows them to move freely. That way, your new puppy will break it in quickly.

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