Energetic Pup? Here’s How to Help Them Use up the Extra Energy!

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Like children, puppy’s are curious and full of energy. They are eager to learn, explore and play. Besides making sure that your dog is fed and clean, puppy care also involves looking after your pup’s emotional and physical health – that means keeping your energy-busting animal constantly active and engaged. Playing with your puppy is a great way to help them burn off their extra energy.

Some ways you can help your puppy use up their energy are:

Give Them Exercise

Taking good care of your puppy takes time and sweat. Walking, running, playing and chasing after your new dog are the best ways to keep your dog (and yourself) active. It’s imperative that your puppy has a chance to exercise daily to keep him happy and entertained.

A bored sedentary puppy is a recipe for disaster. Not only will it take a toll on your pup’s well-being, but it will most likely result in some pretty significant home destruction. Whether it is running or destroying your shoes and furniture, puppies will use up their energy either way.

Spend Time Outdoors

Taking your puppy outdoors, once he has received all the necessary shots, is a great way to let him burn off energy. Interacting with the exterior world engages both mind and body. Your puppy will love exploring new surroundings, engaging his growing curiosity, all while getting in some physical activity. Both mental and physical stimulation are necessary components of your dog’s healthy development and growth.

Get Your Pup the Right Kind of Toys

When left alone, puppies will need a way to stay moving and entertained. Giving them the right variety of toys can change their experience of alone time. They don’t have to be super sophisticated. A simple ball to fetch can give your puppy a great time. If your pup is feeling unusually hyper, a ball launcher can help you keep him happy for hours with minimum effort. Other dog toys act as puzzles for your puppy to solve, engaging them on a physical and mental level.

Engage Your Dog’s Mind

Your dog’s mind also needs stimulation. Taking your puppy to dog training classes, if you can afford it, or going through training sessions at home can be a great way to keep them alert and active. Plus, your dog will enjoy working to earn a tasty reward.

Sniffing exercises are another essential component of puppy care. Stimulating their sense of smell at a young age is very important. Dogs rely significantly on their smell to explore and interact with their surroundings. As puppies, they need to develop and refine their olfaction. You can entertain your dog’s curiosity by lending them interesting items to sniff. You can later hide these objects for them to find. It’s a great way to keep your puppy busy and entertained.

Make sure you are giving your energetic puppy the care he deserves!

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