How Dogs Add to Your Health and Happiness!

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For most people, it’s a given that dogs are one of the best pets to have. Over time, they have become a universal symbol of love, companionship and loyalty, making them the ideal best friend. And with good reason.

We are not wrong to think that dogs are a significant favourable influence on our quality of life. Time and time again, dogs as pets have proven to contribute many valuable benefits to our living experience, health and wellbeing.

Here are some of the ways in which owning a dog makes you a happier, healthier human:

Owning a Dog Could Mean a Longer Life

According to Medical News Today, owning a dog could help you live longer; studies show that dog owners have between 11-33% less risk of all-cause death. Several studies have also tied dog ownership to a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular death. So considering the facts, everything seems to point at dogs being a real help at keeping us healthier for longer. Not only will getting a puppy to deliver fun times and valuable companionship but a useful set of health benefits as well.

Dogs Help You Get Your Daily Exercise

Exercising is essential, both for humans and dogs. While getting to the gym every day might be a challenge, for responsible dog owners, skipping your pet’s daily walk is not an option. It plays a significant role in your health. Several studies show that dog owners have lower cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels.

As you focus on keeping your dog fit and active, you can get off the couch and moving, as well. A typical daily dog walk takes typically over 30 minutes, which is the recommended daily amount of aerobic exercise. That way, owning a dog can make it easier to check off the regular workout of your to-do list.

Dogs Fill You Up With the Love Hormone

When a mother holds her child, or you hug your significant other, your brain releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This hormone helps establish trust, affection and meaningful bonds. However, it isn’t exclusive to human-human interaction.

Oxytocin is released every time you lay down to share some cuddles with your furry canine friend. It helps you feel cared for and deepens your bond with your pet. As social creatures, these type of meaningful connections is essential to keeping us happy and healthy.

Dogs Can Keep Your Stress In Check

Plenty of research supports the idea that dog-human interactions have a positive effect on stress and anxiety. Nowadays, people even rely on pet therapy as part of treatment to several emotional problems. Pet ownership has been shown to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. By lowering your stress levels, your dog contributes to your daily Zen and happiness. Additionally, reduced stress helps keep your heart in good shape, benefiting your overall health.

If you are looking to get a new pet, getting a dog is a great idea. Dogs can fill your home with warmth and love while filling your days with joy.

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