How to Get Your Dog’s Attention To Listen To You

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At first, your pup might seem like the most adorable daredevil. But there comes a time when being mischievous is no longer cute and becomes a problem. At times, it might seem that your pet is purposely ignoring you and refuses to listen. But, don’t despair. Getting your dog to transform from a roguish ball of fur into a respectful, good dog takes time, training and patience. Thankfully, there are several dog training tips and tricks you can apply to get your furry friend on the fast track to obedience.

The first step into getting your dog to behave is getting him to listen and understand you. Your dog must be able to figure out what you desire of him to comply with your expectations. Believe it or not, dogs love to make themselves useful and please their owners. By just finding a way to get your message across to your dog effectively, you can make a significant impact on his behaviour.

Dog Training 101

Communicating with your dog will require you to pay attention to certain aspects of your voice and speech. Dogs are unable to understand the human language fully; however, they are highly conscious about tone. Your tone must be firm, yet calm and friendly to establish authority without making your pup feel frightened. The sound of your voice plays a huge role in communicating with your dog.

To understand us, dogs learn to relate sound to meaning. The sound of a word is far more critical to a dog than its purpose. That’s why the commands you teach your dog should be short. Shorter words help dogs associate that specific sound to the expected action in a natural way. It is such a big deal that in non-English speaking countries, English commands are often used in dog training since they tend to be shorter and have an easily recognisable sound.

When you are speaking to your dog, it is crucial that you stay patient, even when they aren’t paying attention. Getting angry will inevitably make your dog nervous and confused. In turn, it will be distracted, defiant and even more reluctant to obey. The goal is to get your dog to perceive you as a worthy leader. You must impose authority without being scary or aggressive.

As you progress in your practice of dog communication, it is essential that you stay consistent. Constant repetition is vital for creating habits and practising commands and skills. Once every blue moon won’t yield any results. Consistency is key to helping your dog build the connections necessary for him to understand. You can’t expect him to know what “sit” or “no” is if it’s a command he’s only heard once or twice. Be patient and practice often for results to come.

When you are trying to get your dog to do something make sure you are using positive reinforcement. Affection, praise and treats go a long way in improving obedience and your relationship. Nothing will make your dog happier than hearing that “he’s a good boy” and getting all your loving attention. Once he connects the dots between obedience and reward, he’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Finally, when you are talking to your dog, make sure you aren’t expecting the impossible from him. If your dog is distracted, getting him to pay attention and obey will be hard to accomplish. Make sure your dog is fed, has exercised and is away from stressors to allow him to concentrate.

Apply this dog training advice, and you’ll be on your way to getting your dog to listen to you.

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