Is Puppy School Worth the Investment?

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We all know just how necessary dog training is when living with pets. However, considering all the costs that come with dog ownership, it’s no wonder that many new dog owners feel hesitant about paying for puppy school. Of course, we all want our puppy to be housebroken and well-educated. But first, we want to make sure that investing in puppy school will get us there and deliver the results.

Well, wonder no more. If you are on the fence about taking your dog to puppy school, take the plunge and do it. Puppy school is money well spent for your furry friend. You won’t regret making that choice.

Why Is Puppy School So Important?

The answer is just one word – socializing. Learning to socialize is extremely important for any puppy. It is best to master the skill earlier. Otherwise, you run the risk of your throwing himself aggressively at other dogs in a park or public space, or threatening and barking at passersby in your front yard.

It is essential to know you can trust your dog to venture into the outside world peacefully. Doing so opens up many doors for dog-homeowner activities like walks in the park, road trips, etc. At puppy school, your pup will quickly learn to interact with other dogs from an early age. Learning to interact with other animals and different environments is a skill every dog should have, especially if you see the possibility of getting a second pet at some point in your life.

Other Benefits of Puppy School

Puppy school is a great place to establish the right kind of relationship with your new dog. Through attendance to training classes, your dog can learn to master respect and obedience. Through time your dog will love you and consider you a valued friend; however, it is also vital that he knows that you hold the authority in your relationship. Puppy school is a great place to work on setting a healthy pet owner-puppy relationship roles efficiently.

The most basic training commands are covered in puppy school. These commands, such as “no”, “sit” and “stay” will make managing daily living and outside trips far easier. It is always great to have a strong education base for necessary commands set at a professional training facility so that maintaining and expanding your dog’s training is more natural at home.

Quick Reminder About Puppy School

Yes, puppy school is an excellent investment. And if you ask many homeowners, a necessary one. That doesn’t mean that it is the ‘be all and end all’ in your puppy’s education. Everything that is learned at puppy school needs constant affirmation and practice, which takes place at home. Just like little that attend school, but reinforce knowledge through homework and other practice at home, your dog needs reinforcement to avoid forgetting learned skills. Overall, it’s not just a monetary investment that you have to make, but one of time and patience as well.

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