Looking to Take Your Pup on a Road Trip? Check out These Dog Car Safety Tips!

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Dogs are a great company on road trips. However, they could be a distraction to you when you are driving. Follow dog safety rules always to make this road trip a fun experience for you and your furry friend.
Get out and explore new roads with your dog, but do not forget to take the necessary dog safety precautions into consideration.

Buckle Up

Just like you and me, dogs should buckle up before they get on the road. It is crucial for your dog’s safety in the car. Dog safety seat belts do not only confine your pet; they will also keep it safe in case of a car accident.
Instead of dog safety belts, you can use pet carriers. Make sure, however, that the carrier you securely positioned in your car.

Take Breaks

Even if you were on a tight schedule, you have to make additional stops every couple of hours to give your dog potty breaks. It can extend the duration of your road trip, but it will give your pup a much-needed opportunity to get out of the car and walk. You too can use these breaks to stretch your legs, after a long drive. So put these breaks into consideration, when you are planning your road trip timeline.

Have Snacks And Water

During your road trip, your dog will need snacks and other refreshments to stay full and happy. Keep your dog food and water in separate travel containers to access them quickly on the road, without messing with your other bags.
Water is essential to keep your dog hydrated, while other treats, snack, and chew toys will provide an adequate distraction that will keep your dog busy in the car.

Consider the Temperature Inside Your Car

Dogs should not be left unattended in parked cars. However, if you have to leave your dog in the car for a very brief period, you must check the temperature inside the car first. Even a not so hot day outside can feel incredibly hot inside a locked vehicle.

Annually, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion. That is why it is illegal in some places to leave a pet alone in the car. So whenever you can, take your dog with you, when you leave the vehicle.

Pack a Dog Emergency Kit

Roads are unexpected; an emergency can occur anytime. So prepare for the unknown and pack an emergency kit for your dog. The travel-sized kit should include things like tweezers, gauze and bandages. You should also pack a reflective dog vest or jacket to keep your dog safe and warm at night.
Sharing a road trip adventure with your best friend is a fantastic experience. These dog safety tips will ensure your trip goes as planned. For more information about dog safety and health, visit our website!

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