Make Sure Your Puppy Is Well-Behaved With These Puppy Training Tips

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The only thing better than a puppy is a well-behaved puppy. A puppy that is both friendly and respectful of your person, home and possessions is a blessing on all fronts. However, keep in mind that having a canine pet comes with its own set of wonders and challenges.

When you first take your puppy home, your new companion will have to face a brand new world. As a stranger to your home, there will be a wide range of rules and skills to master before your pet can fully adapt to your lifestyle. By taking an early and active approach to puppy training, you can maximize the joys of dog ownership. With a good training routine in place, you can fill your days up of warm memories with your newest family member.

New to Dog Ownership?

For the beginner, getting the hang of puppy training can be tough. There’s an extensive amount of knowledge to process, from essential commands to routines and techniques. However, training your pup is not impossible. With a little bit of research and tons of love, dedication and patience, your puppy will be a straight-A student in no time.

If you are ready to get a new puppy or have recently brought one home, applying some tips and tricks to help make the puppy training process a breeze.

Set the Rules and Stick to Them

Before you start training your puppy, you need a plan. It is essential to be clear with your puppy training goals, behaviour expectations, and how your dog will fit into your daily living routine. Without doing so, your training will be unstructured and ineffective.

Thinking ahead about the behaviour you desire and the ones you’ll forbid allows you to determine what actions to reward or discourage. Critical aspects to think about are:

What areas of the house your dog will be allowed into?

Will your puppy be allowed on furniture such as the couch?

Will your pup sleep alone or in your room?

Where will your puppy poo/pee?

What skills and commands are the most important to you?

It is vital to answer such questions and act consistently on your resolution. If you are not disciplined, your puppy won’t be either. If one day your new pup is scolded for jumping on the couch but allowed to nap there the next day you’ll only end up confusing your furry friend. Don’t waste your time. Instead, be clear and make an actionable training plan with clear goals and direction.

Reward Good Behavior

It’s never too early to start relying on positive reinforcement. Rewards are mighty when it comes to puppy training. Praise, attention, treats and toys are great ways to show your puppy they are making you happy and on track. Whenever your dog plays by the rules, show them you noticed by rewarding them.

On the same note, be cautious of unwanted behaviour you might be rewarding. It is easy to give in to your puppy’s cuteness when it is jumping up and down or running wildly around the house and showering him with affection. However, doing so is giving your pup the wrong message and encouraging problematic behaviour. Think ahead: raising your puppy for jumping up too high, can lead to a big grown dog tackling you every time you arrive home.

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