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Bringing your new puppy home is very exciting, but keep in mind that it could also be stressful for your puppy. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to take care of your new puppy and help it to settle into its new home quickly. Puppies are highly adaptable; you need to create them a soothing environment to make them adjust swiftly and smoothly.

Just like a human baby, your puppy needs a lot of care and attention, especially in the early days. Whenever it is awake, give it the care and company it needs. Your puppy care preparations should start, even before the puppy arrives at your house.

Get the Needed Equipment

There is nothing worse than picking up your newly adopted puppy, and instead of heading home, you take it straight to the pet store. The puppy is already nervous and stressed. The last thing it needs is meeting more strangers or visiting another unfamiliar place. Therefore, try to shop for all the necessary puppy care equipment before your puppy arrives home.

Proper care for your puppy requires more equipment than those needed for adult dogs. From food to training accessories to toys, everything should be set up and ready for the new puppy, before it arrives home.

Make the Ride Home a Smooth One

The ride back home is the start of your relationship with your new puppy. So try to make it as soothing as possible for it and show it how much you care. During the journey, reassure the puppy and provide it with all the care and comfort it needs and occasionally caress its head.

If the puppy appeared frightened, you can put it in a comfortable basked and place a coverlet over it to make it feel safe. You can also bring some chewable dog toys to make the ride more fun for the puppy.

Show Your Puppy Around the House

When you arrive home, carry the puppy and show it around the house and introduce it to the rest of your family. Remind your family members and small children to give the new puppy some space to not make it feel overwhelmed.

You can then let the puppy explore the house and show it where it is allowed to go and where the no-go zones of the house are.   

Create a Comfy Space Your Puppy Can Call Its Own

Puppies need to have a space of their own in the house, where they can go rest or get away when they need to. It can be a crate, a basket, a bed or a cosy corner in your house. Usually, kitchens are a popular choice for puppy owners, like the flooring, there are easy to clean, and the puppy food and water are nearby.

Regardless of the location you choose, you should take care of your new puppy by continually checking on it, talking to it and taking it out, whenever it needs to do its business.

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