New Addition to the Family? Here’s How to Prepare Your Pup!

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Introducing a new dog to your family is a big deal. Perhaps you’re planning to mould a new puppy into a fantastic family dog. Or maybe you intend to adopt an older dog to give it a warm, loving home. Either way, it’s an exciting experience.

However, the first day is critical. It’s likely that your new furball will be excitable and nervous, so you need to make him comfortable. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your pup.

Prepare Your Family for the New Member

Having a new dog in the home is a huge responsibility. Everyone in the house needs to share dog care. It’s, therefore, vital that you make it clear which family members are crucial and precisely what roles they will play in taking care of the new dog. These responsibilities include playing with the dog, feeding the dog, and walking him outside. Most importantly, your new dog needs to feel a sense of being loved and belonging in the family.

Purchase All the Items That Your New Dog Needs

This aspect of preparation can be fun. Prepare a list of all the things that your new dog might need. Then visit the local pet store or an online pet store and purchase these items: bowls, food, treats, collars, leashes, a bed, and toys among other things. Consult the breeder or shelter to find out the dog’s diet to make sure the transition is not difficult on the dog’s stomach. Keep in mind that you can, later on, change the dog’s food after he’s acclimatised to his new home.

Obtain the Dog’s Vet History

It’s essential that you obtain as much of the new dog’s vet history as possible. It can be quite tricky to get all this information if you’re adopting a dog from a shelter but try to get as much as you can. Examples of details you should get include what vaccinations the dog has received and illnesses that he may have.

Identify an Experienced Vet for Your Dog

Just like the other members of your family, your dog needs access to quality health services. So find a nearby vet’s office where you can take your new pup for regular checkups, treatment, vaccines and so on. It’s also advisable to identify the nearest emergency room for pets. Save the contact information where everyone in the house can find it in case of a dog care emergency.

Make Your Home Safe for the Puppy

Puppies have varying reactions to new surroundings. So it’s necessary that you take steps to make your home a safe environment for this new family member. An example of ways of making your home puppy-proof is ensuring that the dog cannot access any roach traps in your home. Keep all potentially toxic chemicals as well as electrically taped cords out of the pup’s reach. Move them all to the basement, if possible. Research potential dog hazards in your home and ways of mitigating these risks, as well.

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