Scientific Proof Your Dog Is Your Best Friend!

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Over time, it’s little secret that our dogs have proven to be some of our closest companions. The welcome home excitement as soon as you open the front door, slobbery kisses, unwavering loyalty and constant willingness to put a smile on your face are more than enough to earn the prestigious title of ‘man’s best friend’.

However, there is now scientific research giving some precedence to this title with studies showing that our dogs are doing wonders for our well-being!

As dog lovers, of course, we didn’t need scientific proof, but it’s still nice to see the evidence of what we’ve known all along; life’s just better with a pooch.

Keep reading to find out four ways that your dog will make you happier!

Your Cuddly Pup Will Improve Your Mood!

There are numerous studies out there that have shown that owning a pet can help reduce the symptoms of depression. Think about it; it’s hard not to forget life’s worries when your four-legged friend is smothering you in slobbery kisses!

Karen Winegar, an author and animal expert, said in an interview with the New York Times that “ The human-animal bond bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the heart and emotions, nurturing us in ways that nothing else can” – and if that doesn’t impress you, nothing will!

The Cheapest Therapy Going Around!

Sometimes, at one time or another, we feel the need to talk and have someone listen to get all of life’s burdens off our chest. While therapy can be expensive, talking things out with your pup isn’t! That makes them the cheapest therapist you’ll ever come across!

Your dog’s companionship is so important, and can even prove to be a life-saving component of self-care for those of us suffering from depression and other mental health disorders. Dogs also can help improve the quality of life for those with autism, and can even assist children in learning to read!

Reduce Your Stress Levels!

In addition to helping improve your overall mood, dog guardianship has a significant impact on your stress levels (in a good way!).

For example, a company’s workers in North Carolina showed significantly lower stress levels when they were allowed to bring their dogs to work. That’s certainly true here at the Dogsbod office. There’s nothing better than when our office dogs Reilly and Lulu come for a visit!

Increase Oxytocin

According to Psychology Today, spending time with your beloved doggo has proven to increase your level of the love hormone, oxytocin. This hormone is what helps you increase trust and reduce fear, as well as improving you and your dog bond with one another and relax, so get petting!

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