The Best Way to Bond With Your New Pup!

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Dog bonding is an essential component to building a healthy relationship with your new pup. Spending quality time with your dog is often overlooked, despite it being one of the easiest ways to strengthen your bond with your pet.

Here are some tips you can apply to make the most out of your dog bonding time.

Establish a Calm and Comfortable Environment

You want your dog to trust, love and respect you. In return, he expects to be loved, respected and cared for. The first step to successful dog bonding is setting the appropriate environment for your connection to grow in. Make sure your dog has enough room to move around, a comfortable place to sleep in and easy access to water. Remove possible stressors or dangerous objects from the area your new pup will live in. Aim to make your dog feel comfortable and safe when he’s around you.

Rely on the Positive

Just like a friendly positive attitude can help you build meaningful human relationships, it can also improve your relationship with your pup. Positive reinforcement and a soft tone of voice play a considerable role in dog bonding. Give your pup praise, attention and treats after he’s followed directions or behaved. He’ll feel accomplished and valued. When you give commands to your dog, be firm but friendly. The goal is to let your pup know you hold authority but are still a good friend and caregiver.

Cover All Your New Pup’s Needs

To bond with your dog, the first thing you need to establish is trust. Responding appropriately to your puppy’s physical and emotional needs is vital to building such trust. Your pup must confidently know that he can depend on you to feed him, return home, give him water and look after him in times of trouble. Once your dog knows he can count on you at all times, the trust will make your relationship stronger and make bonding with your dog more comfortable.

Physical Contact Is Essential

Dogs love physical affection. Shower your little furry friend with love and watch your dog bonding experience improve instantly. It’s a small change to make. Start petting your dog often and scratch his belly and head. Dogs also express much of their love through body language, so they are highly receptive to that kind of affection. Just make sure to be gentle and not overly constricting with your new pup.


Setting apart some time to play and have fun is a great way to start bonding with your new dog. Make sure the whole family is involved with the new pup so that he feels connected to everyone at home. By playing, your dogs get to exercise, engage his mind and spend quality time with you all at the same time.

Dog Training Strengthens Bonding

While most of us perceive attending school or classes as a somewhat tedious task, for your new pup it is an exciting activity. Training engages a dog’s mind and helps strengthen your relationship roles. Through dog training classes your dog learns to listen to you and perceive you as a leader in a fun, positive way.

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