Try These Games and Exercises with Your Puppy and Burn Some Energy!

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Playing with your puppy is not only good for its mental and physical health. Puppy exercises are also a fun way to strengthen your bond with your dog and train it to acquire some new skills. Remember, though that dogs have a limited attention span. So try to keep your puppy exercises short.

To help you keep up with the energy level of your furry friend, here are some puppy exercises that do not need much time or effort.

Hide And Seek

Young dogs love this game. It is one of the most fun and mentally stimulating puppy exercises. Start the game by having your puppy sit in the stay position. If your dog still has not mastered the stay command, you can have a friend hold it, while you find a hiding spot. Start calling your dog’s name every few seconds, until it finds you.

To avoid frustration and keep your puppy interested, hide in some accessible spots at first. Then gradually move to some harder hiding areas.  

Make sure to praise your puppy and give it a treat when it finds you. Puppy exercises like these are an excellent method to practice the “come” command with your dog and let it use its scent-tracking abilities.


Nothing beats a game of fetch with your puppy. You can play it in a park, on the beach or even in your backyard or living room. This dynamic game lets your puppy exercise how to stay focused and follow your instructions. To stimulate your puppy’s interest, first, toss the fetch toy and show your dog how to chase after it and bring it back to you.

When playing fetch with a puppy, there is many do’s and don’ts you should consider. For example, the fetch object must be small, soft and light in weight. So your puppy can easily retrieve it. Wooden objects like a stick can be rough on your puppy’s mouth. Your dog could also swallow some woody bits by accident.

In order not to exhaust your puppy during exercises that involve lots of running and movement, try to take a rest every ten minutes.

Water-Based Games

Most dogs love water. So any water-based games and exercises will be a fun way for your puppy to practice swimming and get confident in aquatic environments at a young age. You can use dog life-vests till your puppy turns into a good swimmer.

To encourage your puppy to get in the water, bring some floating fetch toys for it to play with. If your puppy does not like water or is too scared, do not force the issue.

Although water-based puppy exercises will not put stress on your dog’s joints, you still need to give it a break every ten minutes. Puppies get tired quickly from swimming.

Just like young humans, your puppy needs naps during the day, especially if you let them play too hard. Otherwise, they will get grumpy. To learn more about puppies and get more dog tips, visit our website!

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