Ways Dogs Love to Be Loved!

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You adore your dog, and you want him to know it. However, for your dog to know how special he is to you, cozy beds, pretty collars, fun toys, and tasty treats won’t do it. He likes all that stuff, of course. But for your pup to feel your love, you must speak the language that he understands. Here are some ways to express your adoration for your dog and make it feel loved.

Rub Your Dog’s Ears

The last time you scratched the back of your dog’s ears, you may have noticed him leaning into your hand and drifting into a trance. The reason for that trance-like state comes from that extremely pleasurable experience for your dog. The ears have numerous nerve endings that transmit impulses throughout the dog’s body and trigger endorphin release. When a dog feels loved, these hormones act as natural drugs and painkillers. Every time you rub your dog’s ears, he gets the message: you love him.

Hand-Feed Your Dog

Dog care experts recommend hand-feeding your dog, especially if he’s a puppy, for a few reasons. Handfeeding your dog demonstrates to him that you’re the food provider. The act also reduces food aggression. Equally important, the intimate act of feeding your pup by hand fosters a powerful bond between both of you. Even as the puppy grows older and becomes less inclined to be handfed, doing so as often as you can, especially during training is an effective way to show your love to your pup.

Say “I Love You” to Your Dog

A recent study revealed that dogs understand human speech. The researchers studied dogs using an MRI scanner. The scanner showed that the dogs experience a feeling of well-being not only when they hear a praising tone but also when they heard words of praise. It means that you can improve your dog care by communicating with your dog using your tone of voice as well as your words. So take every opportunity to tell your dog you love him.

Train Your Dog

Among the most effective ways of expressing affection to your dog is training it through positive reinforcement. Furthermore, training your dog gives you a chance to build a more powerful connection with him. With this method, you can offer your dog its preferred incentive, be it play, praise, or food. As a result, your dog will see you as the provider of the things he most cherishes. Your dog learns that being on your team and working with you is rewarding and supports his happiness. You and your dog will then show each other love by making each other happy.

Learn to Listen to Your Dog

Not all dogs like to be hugged. Others don’t like it when someone approaches them directly. There are times when your dogs may not be excited to meet strangers, even if they’re your friends. Like humans, dogs express many emotional states through their body language. You need to know what to look for. Learning how to communicate with dogs generally can help you, and your dog has less stressful interactions. Moreover, it will bolster a good relationship between the two of you and encourage trust.

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