What to Do and Expect During the First Week of Adopting Your New Puppy!

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The moment you have dreamed about for years is here. You are finally bringing home your newly adopted puppy. It is the start of a new life journey for both of you.

Puppy adoption is fun, exciting, and as you will discover for yourself, also exhausting. The first few weeks after the adoption can be confusing and overwhelming for both you and your puppy. That is why it is critical for you to know what to do during the first week of the adoption.

Puppy-Proof Your House

Of course, the ideal scenario would be to do this before the adoption. However, you can still puppy-proof your home after the adoption.

Puppies love to chew anything in their path. To save your valuables, remove them from its reach. Where your puppy will spend most of its time should also be free of any items that might hurt it, such as small kids’ toys that the puppy might swallow.

To save your furniture, you can buy dog taste deterrents that can be sprayed on any surface to stop your puppy from chewing or licking it. Make sure to test it on a tiny spot first to see if it stains.

Let Your Newly Puppy Decompress

As your new puppy arrives at your home for the first time, it does not know what is waiting for it. Everything is new, and your puppy is stressed and confused. Therefore, the first day of your puppy adoption should not be eventful. Keep it quiet and calm and give your dog some space to decompress.

If you have other pets at home, keep them separated from your puppy, during the first day. Also, avoid introducing your puppy to new people, like your friends.  

Create your puppy a place in your house, where it can chill out and relax. A crate with a bed would do the job.

First Night

Most likely, you are not going to get much sleep in the first couple of nights, after the puppy adoption. If possible, let your dog sleep in a crate in your bedroom. The crate will keep the puppy safe and make it feel more comfortable.

Right before bedtime, take the puppy to the potty area. During the night, you will need to take it out again a few times, almost every thirty minutes.

Create a Schedule

Puppies need a consistent daily routine to feel more confident and secure. When the puppy does the same things every day, it will know what to expect from its day.

When you schedule potty breaks, your puppy’s internal plumbing will adjust accordingly. It will speed up the housetraining.

Small puppies need to eat three meals per day but do not worry if your puppy does not eat at first. Always ensure it has access to water, though, to keep it hydrated.

Always, show your puppy it can trust you to protect it, whenever it needs.

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