Which Dog Breed Is the Right Fit for You?

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There aren’t too many things as exciting as getting a new dog. Choosing which furry friend to take home can be a daunting decision– especially among the vast sea of options out there. After all, with such a big commitment, you want to find the dog breed that best fits your lifestyle. A little research can help you find a dog that will be the perfect addition to your family.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a dog breed:


Size matters, especially if you live in an apartment or small house. A larger dog will need plenty of space to sleep, stretch, roam around and wag its tail. Keeping a large dog confined in a super small area leads to discomfort, unhappiness and boredom. Forcing a dog into such conditions wouldn’t be fair. Additionally, larger dogs can also be more expensive, as they can go through more food and supplies.

On the other hand, there are other factors to consider with tiny dogs. These dog breeds tend to be more fragile. With their small size, you have to be extra careful to keep them in sight to avoid colliding into or stepping on them. You’ll find that they can be great companions and live comfortably in small spaces.

If you have an average amount of space, a medium-sized breed could be a great option too.


The amount and type of dog maintenance dog owners deal with is greatly influenced by dog breed. Certain types of dogs have more extensive grooming needs than others. It is especially true about dogs with long hair, that needs frequent washing or brushing.

Furry dogs also tend to shed the most. If keeping your home 100% clean 24/7 is a big deal to you, dog shedding can make you lose your mind or force you to triple your cleaning efforts. Dog hair shedding can also pose a problem for people dealing with allergies. These considerations should be factored in when deciding whether to get a short or long haired dog.

Drooling is also a factor. Your very lovable pet might turn out to be a big drooler. Make sure you are prepared with it getting it everywhere and the clean-up process to avoid disappointment.


Some dog breeds are more energetic than others. An active dog is an excellent option for busy owners that could use a company on walks or runs. However, if you aren’t sure you’ll be able to meet the exercise requirements of an energetic dog, it’s best to opt for a different type of dog. The lack of exercise can deteriorate the health of your dog. Plus, without an energy outlet, your pet could become a potential destruction machine around the home.

Investing time in playing with your dog and keeping them active is a must for all types of dogs. Just keep in mind that the amount of time can vary significantly among dog breeds, so be prepared to work around your new dog’s needs.


Finally, if you are a parent to young children, choosing a dog breed should always consider how well that dog gets along with children. In many cases, larger dogs can cause a problem, as they can push or hurt a small child by merely approaching them to play. Dog breeds also have personalities, and those that are prone to anger lack the patience to hang out with small children.

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