Why Dog Training Is So Important!

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If left to their own devices, dogs will do whatever comes naturally to them. Most of the time, nothing good will ever come out of that. That is why dog training is not a luxury. On the contrary, it is your responsibility as a pet parent.

Your dog needs to acquire certain skills and learn a few rules to be able to blend well with your family.


Making dog training a part of your daily routine will create a special bond between you and your dog, especially if you started training it at an early age. You will get to spend more time together doing something positive and productive.

By adopting more positive dog training methods, instead of relying on fear or intimidation, you will build a relationship with your dog that is built on mutual trust and respect.

Try to include other members of your family in the training to make your dog understand that those skills are required around everyone and not just you.


Before you start punishing your dog, make sure its bad behaviour was not a result of its lack of understanding. Sometimes, your dog needs help to learn, instead of being punished for a mistake it does not even understand.

Therefore, it is essential to establish boundaries and limits for your dog. Otherwise, you will end up with an uncontrollable dog that will destroy your belongings or even injure itself or others.

Through dog training, it should be able to differentiate between what is and what is not considered acceptable behaviour. Dogs are not born with this kind of knowledge. They need to be taught.


We all want our dogs to be friendly with everyone they meet. Although born as social animals, dogs still need to be trained on socialising in the human world. They need to be taught how to act around people or other animals. That includes not jumping up on them, not begging, not doing any acts of aggression and so forth.  

It is better to include this in your dog training at a young age to give your dog the confidence it needs. This way, it will go through adulthood experiencing less anxiety and discomfort.


Always keep in mind that dog training is not an instant accomplishment. Your dog will not get everything right from the first session. Be patient and ready to repeat every activity or lesson many times, until it sinks in with your dog.

Keep the dog training sessions positive and encouraging and make it fun for your dog. Do not forget to reward good behaviours and punish bad ones. Be aware though that discipline does not have to be intimidating or aggressive. Instead, it is advisable to use more effective methods, like removing your dog’s toy. Raising a dog that knows you will never hit it, will give you a loyal companion for life.

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