Your Guide To The Perfect Pooch-Friendly Holiday!

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Who doesn’t love a holiday? A chance to get away from the demands of everyday life and enjoy yourself. Well, your pets are no exception. We can guarantee you that your fun-loving pups will love a family getaway!

Here at Dogsbod, we love being able to enjoy our yearly holidays with our dogs by our side. However, being away from home can sometimes prove to be a little stressful for your four-legged friends, so it’s always important to take extra precautions when travelling with your pets to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe!

We’ve listed a few things you can do on your vacation that will see your doggo also sit back and unwind:

Bring Something From Home

There’s nothing quite like home, and being in a new environment can prove stressful for many pets. To help your doggo make the transition as smoothly and comfortably, why don’t you bring a favourite toy, blanket or even the pet bed (if you’re road tripping)? Having something familiar filled with the scent from home will help your pet relax and become more comfortable with their journey.

Invest In A Dog Carrier

Whether your getaway involves a car trip or one on a plane, it is always essential to have a safe place to keep your pet while they are in transit. With so many carriers on the market, you’re bound to find one that fits your dog’s needs perfectly!

These carriers will not only create a comfortable place for your pet to reside while travelling, but it is also safer in the event of an accident.

Plan Short Breaks

If you’re driving, ensure that you take quick breaks every few hours. It will give your pup a chance to go to the loo, have a drink and something to eat and even go for a bit of a run – which might also see them sleep for the rest of your drive!

If you’re planning a family getaway this holiday season, remember that your pet can’t always adapt to change as quickly as you can, so it’s important to do what you can to keep them relaxed and comfortable.

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